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Financial adviser to Vontobel on its acquisition of a majority stake in TwentyFour Asset Management.

Financial adviser to Vontobel on its acquisition of a majority stake in TwentyFour Asset Management.


On 25 March 2015, Vontobel Asset Management, the global multi-boutique asset management division of Vontobel, announced that it had acquired a 60 percent stake in TwentyFour Asset Management LLP, a fast growing independent fixed income specialist based in London.

TwentyFour’s Partners will continue to manage TwentyFour’s day-to-day operations, retaining full authority over fund investment decisions. The established TwentyFour brand will remain in place.

TwentyFour’s Partners and key employees will retain a 40 per cent stake in the business and will remain fully committed to TwentyFour. To further strengthen alignment, the Partners have agreed to reinvest a significant share of their consideration into existing TwentyFour or Vontobel investment funds. In line with Vontobel’s multi-boutique structure, both firms’ investment platforms will operate independently of each other to ensure a continuation of their strong performance record. The 40 per cent stake held by the Partners will be acquired by Vontobel over the longer-term.In aggregate they will have approximately £12 billion of total fixed income assets under management.



Vontobel Asset Management is an active global multi-boutique asset manager with specialist investment expertise in Quality Growth Equities, Multi Asset Class, Fixed Income, Global Thematic Equities and Alternatives. Each boutique is run as an independent centre of expertise. Vontobel has a successful innovative product range and is strongly committed to further develop and expand its Fixed Income boutique on a global scale and strengthen its access to the UK market.



TwentyFour Asset Management is a London based independent fixed income specialist with leading capabilities in asset backed securities and unconstrained fixed income. The firm has a diverse client base in the UK, spanning wholesale as well as institutional clients, which it services via segregated mandates and a range of pooled investment vehicles. The highly transparent products benefit from a rigorous detail-oriented investment approach, in order to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns whilst retaining a strong focus on capital preservation.



SHP acted as financial adviser to Vontobel.

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